Alkaline Water Malaysia

alkaline water malaysia

alkaline water malaysia

We have to begin with some explanation of alkalinity refers to. Alkaline and acidity refer to the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water. Acidic water has MORE positive hydrogen ions while alkalinity has LESS positive ions and this is what the pH refers. pH stands for POWER OF HYDROGEN. Therefore, alkaline water Malaysia has less hydrogen ions that the typical tap water.

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Alkaline Water Malaysia: Why Does It Matter?

The human body exists in a state of homeostasis that is crucial to preserving good health. Homeostasis refers to a specific balance of factors. For example, acidity vs alkalinity. In other words, a BALANCE. In fact, some experts describe all diseases as a LOSS of homeostasis. When you have an IMBALANCE. The stressors of modern life place a lot of acid stress on our body making it scramble desperately to maintain a normal amount of hydrogen ions (AKA a normal pH).

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Alkaline Water Malaysia: Where To Begin?

First step is to determine your needs. Give us a call and speak to one of our consultants to find out what sort of usage you can expect and how to match it to a source of alkaline water. We will consider:

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  • How many people in your household?
  • Where you are located
  • How to utilise the water for your goals
  • Who is the nearest servicer to you
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alkaline water malaysia

More Than Alkaline Water Malaysia

Beyond alkalinity, we are also talking about the ionisation and ACTIVATION of the water that creates benefits for people. For instance, putting the water through our machine creates microclustering phenomena that is found in miracle waters such as the Lourdes. On top of that, at our demonstrations, you can test the water using an ORP meter. This meter is also known as an oxidation-reduction potential meter. When comparing the alkaline ionised water you can see a definite improvement compared to tap water or any other filtered water you care to test!


For more information, on the potential benefits and the basic idea behind alkaline water Malaysia, check out the video on our homepage at

Alkaline Water Malaysia can even be used to cook! At LivingFood Bistro & Cafe, the  Kangen water provided has any number of uses in the kitchen:

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  • Need to wash pesticides and chemicals from vegetables? pH11.5 water!
  • Need to clean a work surface? pH2.5 kills 99.9% of all bacteria
  • Cut yourself accidentally? pH2.5 can sanitise and pH5.5 can speed up healing!
  • Want to pull out that extra flavour? Microclustered 9.5 can get more flavour form less water!

alkaline water malaysia