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Kangen Water was featured in Bazaar magazine! Read an excerpt here:

Eventually too many acidic foods can also stymie the immune system, inhibit digestion and contribute to things like osteoarthritis, says Lindsey Duncan, a nutritionist and naturopath. (Marc Jacobs is a client). Neither Duncan’s nor Snyder’s plan calls for a purely fruit-and0veggie diet, but both advocate crowding out “poorer choices” – by including a morning “green” smoothie, for example, and a green salad before dinner – and keeping acidic foods to a minimum. Some acolytes are going even further, ditching acidic tap or bottled waters for alkalinised Kangen Water, produced by water-ionisation machines from Enagic, a Japanese company that claims its water flushes out toxins better than regular H2O. The water is a hit among Hollywood A-listers, who attribute their renewed vigor to it. Carola Gonzalez, a makeup artist to the stars, invested $4300 in an Enagic machine. “My skin feels amazingly hydrated, and my fine lines are gone” Gonzalez says “And I haven’t been sick once since I got it”

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kangen water malaysia

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