Kangen Water Malaysia Price

Looking for the price of a Kangen Water machine here in Malaysia? Look no further. MyKangenWater.org can tell you all about that! Give us a call and ask about the machine that you desire and we can help you find the best price. Every Kangen Water machine is unique and fits every individual differently.

To find out which machine would best suit you, simply fill in the form at our homepage or give us a call and our consultants will take the time to guide you to the right machine.

Kangen Water Malaysia Price

There are various brands of alkaline ionised water out there but what makes Kangen Water special? Well, let’s look at the key qualities that Kangen Water possesses:

  1. Microclustering
  2. Alkalinity
  3. Antioxidant Potential (ORP)
  4. Robust benefits

By comparing the size of your household, the volume of water and your budgetary concerns, we can help you identify the best machine for your purpose.


Kangen Water Malaysia Price: Microclustering

Microclustering refers to the way smaller water molecules of Kangen Water group together and impart special absorption properties to the water. This works well in tandem with…


Kangen Water Malaysia Price: Alkalinity

The alkalinity of Kangen Water has already been covered in another article. Combined with the microclustering effect, this alkalinity can get where it needs to go fast. The benefits of this are compounded by the addition of…


Kangen Water Malaysia Price: ORP

The ORP refers to the antioxidant potential of the water that neutralises harmful free radicals that age the body. Of course, all of this would be useless if not for…


Kangen Water Malaysia Price: Robust benefits

Unfortunately, a great deal of Kangen water machines do not retain their benefits for an extended duration. For instance, after 24 hours most Kangen Water machines will lose their ORP and alkalinity benefits. Once a machine starts to age, after a year and half, our experts have seen dramatically declines in quality. As a result, we only recommend the top of the range machines that are guaranteed to be robust in their benefits for several years and longer.