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We at MyKangenWater.org endorse Kangen water machines that the proper certification and accreditation to support their efficacy, reliability and sustainability. Ideally, us consumers would be able to visit and inspect the manufacturing facilities and methods of each and every supplier! After all, who knows what goes on behind the scenes of a great or, let’s face it, poor machine. Fortunately, there are a panel of experts who do this for a living who can do this for us.

For example, let’s look at the SD501 Home-Use Kangen Machine and it’s various awards:



Commercial Use Kangen Machine:




For other models, kindly write in for information. We also advise on integration of suitable brands of water filters with our Kangen Ionizers.


WQA – Water Quality Association

logo_wqaThe Water Quality Association is a third-party non-profit organisation that certifies water quality devices for both commercial and home-use. Look for their Gold Seal to indicate a machine that is well-manufactured, robust and up to standard!



Medical Certification

kangen water malaysiaKangen water can have a real impact on health and it is up to us to identify and recognise machines that have proven their worth. The logo here is a ISO 13485 logo and certification from here is considered proof of licensing of a medical device. Other types of recognition that the SD501 possesses includes recognition from the Japanese Ministry of Health and medical authorities that it is a MEDICAL device

certificates_icon_osakaprefecturecertificates_icon_ministryofhealth [hr]

Other Certifications of Quality & Sustainability

Other certificates to look out for include further certifications that guarantee quality and that the machine is being produced in an environmentally sustainable nature!

certificates_iso9001certificates_iso14001kangen water malaysia


More Information

Check out our homepage back at Kangen Water Malaysia!






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